Revit Content Creation

Revit families content creation services from the Graitec professional services team.

Revit-parametric-family-imageGraitec are ideally placed as one of the Canada's leading specialist resellers in both the construction and manufacturing environments to be your ideal partner for Revit content creation.

Having already worked with a number of household names within both the construction and manufacturing for construction space, we have been an important cornerstone helping numerous businesses develop their BIM (building information modelling) workflows and content strategies.

Our extensive manufacturing experience means we have also been at the forefront of Revit content creation for the BIM for manufacturing, BIM for contractors and retail market sectors.

Revit-content-creation-imageWith a Canada based Autodesk Certified CAD services team we can create any of your required families or content for use in Autodesk Revit software to a variety industry standards, depending on your requirements.

All content would be produced by our specialist creation team, which is staffed by industry experienced members in both the architectural and manufacturing fields.

This enables us to produce exacting Revit content or specialist content that can be readily used in BIM (building information modelling) construction and engineering projects.

Revit families and content can be created from 2D drawings or even sketches if you wish to make your products or 2D data available in a 3D BIM format for specifying, or alternatively we could in many circumstances convert your existing manufacturing 3D CAD geometry depending on your requirements.

If you need Revit families and content for your internal business, or if you manufacture for construction and need to provide Revit ready BIM content for specification purposes, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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Alternatively, give us a call at 450.674.0657 # 0 and a team member will contact you to discuss your needs.

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