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Advance Steel Implementation Services

Our Advance Steel Implementation services are available as part of an initial install for customers that want to maximise productivity and speed up investment returns. Equally the service can be tailored to an existing Advance Steel environment for companies that preferred a more casual roll out of the software.

One of the key aspects and major benefits to a successful implementation of Advance Steel is the bespoke CAD standards that can be configured for detailing accuracy, control workflow standards and ultimately allow for faster return on investment.

Prior to the Autodesk acquisition of Advance Steel from Graitec and in the years since, we have been at the forefront of successful software implementations worldwide for varying customer deliverables. Our application engineers have vast experience in taking your out of the box product and taking it to another level in terms of productivity and output customisation.

We individually create a customer focused implementation plan with complete visibility and documented deliverable by scoping, configuring and then implementing as required by you. We offer a vast range of advice and best practice solutions to suit your every need.

The Result: A bespoke software system with a coordinated deliverable aligned with your working parameters and output requirements.

Advance Steel Implementation Workflow

Typical Benefits include:

• Improvement of the out of the box drawing style presentation
        - Integratation of existing fonts, dimension styles & layout configurations into the standard drawing output

• Configuration of BOM Reports to client needs
        - Using the inbuilt BOM Editor we can tailor reports to the exact requirements of precurement, production & installation teams 

Advance Steel Implementation BOM Reports


• Client Specific Drawing Borders
        - We can configure and amends drawing borders to include company specific attributes and criteria

• Automated creation of GA Drawings
        - Using customised process steps we can automate commonly used GA views

Advance Steel Implementation Automated Creation of Drawing Styles

• Production Driven BOM templates on fabrication drawings
        - Shop floor defined bill of materials sorted and filtered to the requirement and needs to help with production

Advance Steel Advanced Implementation BOM

Whilst an out of the box install brings excellent productivity gains and improved customer deliverables, due to the much improved return on investment we would highly recommend clients take advantage of a custom implementation as part of their initial software roll out.

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