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GRAITEC provides all the tools so that you may have the best possible environment for success. Our Frequently Asked Questions section will insure optimal use of the software. 

Advance Design America FAQ's

01 - Does ADA consider the effect of soil prings in calculation of buckling resistance in piles?

ADA models the soil layers as lateral spring elements to calculate the resistance of foundations against horizontal loads and lateral deflections. However, these springs are not considered in the design of the structural axial load capacity of the pile. There is an option to modify the buckling length of the pile.

02 - Will this be updated to cover the new S6-14 code?

Yes, we have currently completed seismic analysis which will be released with the SP1 (set to be available before the end of 2015) and development is in progress for the pushover analysis and non-linear time history. All design aspect of the S6-14 code are already up-to-date and have been available since the release of ADA 2016.

03 - Is there an integral abutment option?

Yes, you can easily create an integral abutment using our generator and modifying the model. We do not have the integral abutments model in our “Pier, Abutment and Retaining Wall Generator”, however, have rigid link and plate elements to transfer all of the forces from the deck to the abutments. Therefore, converting a simple model from one created from our existing generator to an integral abutment can easily be achieved with some minor modifications using the elements in Advance Design America.

04 - Are elastic supports created automatically on the wing walls?

All of the nodes on the wing walls can be defined as elastic supports according to the user’s preference. The springs are not created in an automatic fashion but with a few simple clicks the node can be changed to spring elements.

05 - What is the definition of Tension/Compression only members?

In the member properties dialog box, there is an option to define the behaviour as Tension or Compression only.

06 - Does ADA accept the minimum and maximum load factors of the code?

ADA has an automatic load combination generatorm which considers all of the load factors according to the code the user has defined. Depending on the loads selected/defined, the combination generator will create all the possible permutations based on the desired code.

07 - Does ADA flag any code violation?

ADA can design or verify the members according to the specified code. If the user wants to check the code violation of a member, it can be performed using the code verification option. The member that fails will be highlighted in yellow in the spreadsheet and will display the reason it is not passing code clauses.

08 - Does the moving load, moves transversally between the lanes?

Yes, there is the possibility of defining the lane position in the transverse direction. This can be done by using the automatic moving load generator built in ADA. Selecting a 3D moving load scenario in the moving load generator, will enable ADA to create the “trucks” moving transversally between the lanes.

09 - Does ADA create tendon Parabolic and circular shapes?

Yes, ADA automatically generates these shapes on the pre-stressed beam model.

10 - Is there a possibility of staged post-tensioning?

ADA has the possibility to define sequential posttensioning based on staged construction. The user can define several stages of post-tensioning for the cables with a number of cumulative days associated to each stage of the construction phase.

11 - Can the soil profiles be done for dynamic analysis?

Yes, linear spring elements represent the soil behaviour in the model. The stiffness of springs is calculated based on the soil properties.

12 - Does ADA differentiate between internal and external tendons?

Yes, within ADA we can define the difference between an internal and external tendon. All the coefficients related to the loss of post-tension can be modified.

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