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Advance Design America (ADA) is a Structural Analysis and Design software developed for all industry professionals who need a high end product dedicated to structural calculations.

Structural Analysis and Design Software for Bridges

The Bridge Solution offers all the necessary features for creating multi-material models to carry out complex calculations essential for the calculation of bridges which require the careful consideration of road vehicle circulation.

Advance Design America Bridge is constantly updated and refreshed with the latest software enhancements and design codes.

Read more about its features and results:

• Materials and Cross-Sections
• Section Calculator
• 2D and 3D Modelling
• Generators (Arches, Culverts, Finite Elements, Trusses, Piers, etc.)
• Loads and Combinations
• Static, Dynamic, Moving Load Analysis
• Finite Elements and Calculations
• Steel, Concrete and Pre-Stress Concrete Design
• Bridge Evaluation
• Foundation Design
• North American codes

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ADA Bridge will exceed your expectations as an essential calculation tool for analysis and design, whatever the nature of the project...

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