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Michael Conte

Revit for Rebar

Revit 3D Concrete screenshot
Most people know Autodesk Revit as a BIM (Building Information model) software which “ powerful tools let you use the intelligent model-based process to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure .” However, most people do not know to what amount of detail a user can model. This means that some users are unaware of Revit’s capacity to model reinforcement bar in concrete eleme...
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Benoit Lalonde

Sharing 3D models from the construction site

A360 mobile app screenshot
I’ve been asked from one of our Advance Steel user last week a way to share his 3D models so it can be viewable from the construction site. I want to share here my response to this customer that was happy to discover this tool from Autodesk called A360. This web based tool is very easy to use for sharing any of your 2D drawings & 3D models and there more to it since its capable to support over...
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Janet Black

How to add a length of 4-inches to the Nelson H4L inch shear stud in the ASMT

Advance Steel how to add a 4inch length to the Nelson H4L Inch Shear Stud in ASMT
Well it seems that you have hit a speed bump. You are working with a structure and although you have the correct section class, section type, and size, the length of the element does not exist in the database. Again, annoying to the max, however you can adjust the values in the Advance Steel Management Tools. Yes, this is a question that is asked time and time again. Question: How do I add a lengt...
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Janet Black

How to have Advance Steel 2018 recognize and use a customized prototype that was created in the default location

Advance Steel 2018 recognize prototype created in default location
Woah, I’m using the American installation of Advance Steel 2018. I’ve opened the Prototypes folder located in C/ProgramData/Autodesk/Advance Steel 2018/USA/shared/Support/Prototypes. I copied an existing prototype and created a custom Prototype (Title block), for my company and saved it in this default location of Advance Steel. I create drawings and Advance Steel is using the Prototype, aka Title...
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Janet Black

How to add a custom grating size to the McNichols Variable GAA (19P4) existing macro in Advance Steel 2018

How to add a custom grating size to the McNichols Variable GAA 19P4 existing macro in Advance Steel
In this video, we will show you how to add a custom grating size to the McNichols Standard GAA 19P4 and McNichols Variable GAA 19P4 existing macro in Advance Steel 2018. Here is the issue, you are working on an industrial project, perhaps a platform or a stair tread that requires a certain grating size, however the required size might not exist in Advance Steel. However, it is possible to add a ne...
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Janet Black

How to Display the Edit Object Type List Command in Advance Steel 2018

Advance Steel 2018 How to display the Edit Object Type List command
Issue  In Advance Steel, you can see information about certain elements you hover over depending on certain criteria you select from the Edit Object List. For example: the main and single part name and number, material, coating, weight, exact weight, section class and profile ect…However when you select the Edit Object List icon, nothing happens. Well, today I am going to show you how to get ...
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Janet Black

How to create a BOM of selected elements using the model browser Queries option in Advance Steel 2018

Advance Steel How to create a BOM of selected elements using the model browser Queries option
  You want to create a BOM based on certain elements in a structure or certain selected elements. This video will show how to accomplish this. You can create a querie in Advance Steel of a certain criteria in your structure based on your selected preference in the Search filter. The Search filter is located on the Advance Steel Management Tools Palette, selection category. You can create quer...
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Janet Black

How to Create A Handrail for an Existing Stair and Anchor it to A Concrete Wall Using the Wall Rail Tool in Advance Steel 2018

How To Create A Advance Steel 2018 Handrail For An Existing Stair And Anchor It To A Concrete Wall Using The Wall Rail Tool In AS
  With Advance Steel 2018, you can now create a wall rail on concrete. The wall rail tool is located on the Extended Modeling tab, Structural Elements panel. This video will show how to accomplish this. Simply move the UCS to the face of the concrete, position the orientation of the X and Y axis accordingly, use the view on UCS tool and turn on your 2d snaps located on the Quick views categor...
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Janet Black

How to Change the Slope Dimensions to Display in Inches or Only Degrees

Advance Steel 2018 how to change a slope dimension
  ISSUE You have created a drawing which has sloped dimensions in it. You want the dimensions to display in inches rather than feet. Perhaps you have a client that wants to have the slope dimensions displayed in degrees rather than inches. How do you accomplish this in Advance Steel? SOLUTION This can be done locally on each drawing sheet, however, what if you have the same scenario on hundre...
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Janet Black

How to Change an Incorrect Phase Number in Advance Steel

Advance Steel 2018 Incorrect Phase Numbers
  ISSUE Here is the dilemma, you have created a structure in phases and notice that some elements of the structure don’t reflect the phase. In fact, the piece marks are displaying the wrong phase number in the Model browser and the drawings they were created on. What do you do, certainly not renumber the entire structure? Advance Steel allows you to remove the numbering and information from t...
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