Exploring the Staggered Connection tool in the Graitec PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel

When bolting plates and /or members together, not all solutions require a rectangular or circular pattern of bolts. When a staggered connection is required, the Graitec PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel has you covered.

Using the staggered connection option, a user can opt to place staggered studs, bolts, anchors or holes into elements for a variety of reasons.

Where Studs are concerned these can easily be adjusted to show a staggered pattern with either the outer studs both on the same side or with them starting and ending on opposite sides.

PowerPack Advance Steel Staggered Connection Studs

When bolting elements together in a splice type fashion, a single continuous pattern can be used or, if the user prefers, multiple patterns can be placed into the same element to provide unique or separate arrangements.

PowerPack Advance Steel Staggered Connection Studs 2

The number of bolts used in the columns and rows to generate the pattern is completely customizable and the pattern placement adjustable afterwards if needed.

PowerPack Advance Steel Staggered Connection Studs 3

Anchors can also be utilized as needed to create plates with staggered holes for custom situations.

PowerPack Advance Steel Staggered Connection Studs 4

As with the standard patterns for placing bolts, studs and anchors the user has access to the properties of the connector afterwards in order to adjust the type of fastener used and site/shop location needed. All the other standard Advance Steel properties are also available as would normally be the case.

If the staggered connection is something that you are looking to do then this connection from the Graitec Power Pack is the fastest and most efficient method available.

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