How to use the Lifting Lugs tool in the Graitec PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel

The Lifting Lugs tool from the Graitec PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel offers a convenient way to add lifting lugs to just about any element in a variety of different ways. When adding lugs to a shape or complex part, the tool is capable of determining the center of gravity and utilizing this point in the placement of the lifting lug.

Advance Steel Lifting Lug toolAdditionally, lifting lugs can be welded or bolted at any location and along any orientation or shape side as needed. Pad and hole reinforcements options are available and the lug itself can be adjusted from the dialog to handle most of the contours required.

Advance Steel Lifting Lug tool contours

Platework can also take advantage of the lifting lug tool in a couple of different ways. If the lugs need to be in line with an edge it is easy enough to select the shape and determine the direction along the edge.

Advance Steel Lifting Lug tool platework

On planar objects such as grating or plate, it is also possible to determine a pre-defined hook point which can then be used to place all the lifting lugs at the same time, aligned in the appropriate direction around this point.

Advance Steel Lifting Lug tool hook point


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