How to display Plate values in Imperial rather than metric on internal BOMS in Advance Steel 2018

When creating drawings in Imperial the width of the plate is in Metric. To resolve this issue, follow the procedure below


1. Select “Management Tools” button in the upper right corner on the Home tab.

Advance Steel 2018 Management Tool home Tab


2. Select the Defaults category

Advance Steel 2018 Default tab


3. Use the filter and type plate

Advance Steel 2018 Type Plate


4. Change the Plate name to [20,5006,474] from [3,3,1].
Remove the "x%Length after width if you want the length removed from the INTERNAL Structured BOM list Description.


Remember to “Load Settings in Advance."

Advance Steel 2018 Load Settings in Advance



Go back to the model and Update Defaults.

Advance Steel 2018 Update Defaults



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