Material - How to create and add a new material to the preferred classes in Advance Steel 2017

The Object Property Editor consists of a set of attributes that can be edited and the location where new attributes can also be added.

Advance Steel Management Tools Object Property

In the databases, the properties are stored as follows:

  • All properties that come with the Advance Steel installation are stored in the AstorBase.mdb database, in various tables (E.g. Materials are stored in the table named Material).

Advance Steel Management Tools Material

  1. Open the Object Property Editor
  2. Select the Material heading.
  3. Scroll to the material that most resembles the properties you need.
  4. You will have to insert the properties from a handbook.
  5. Select Apply

Advance Steel Management Tools A 1001

     6. Select the Preferred Sizes heading.

     7. Select the category you want to add the material to.

     8. Select the sub category Material and scroll to the material you created from the Object Property Editor.

Advance Steel Management Tools Preferred Sizes

   9. Select Add to append the size to the Preferred classes.

Advance Steel Management Tools Preferred Classes

Advance Steel Management Tools Load Settings

  10. Load Settings in Advance.

  11. Go back in the model and Update defaults.

The material is appended to the list

Advance Steel A1068 

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