How to add a custom washer size to an Anchor assembly set

You have created a custom Anchor however; the washer size is not the size you want. It is possible to create a custom Anchor with the washer diameter you specified.

Before you create a bolt/anchor assembly (in the Set tab) you need to first define the washers, to add them to your assembly. While there is a number of predefined washers, you can also create your own customized ones.

On the left side of the Management Tools application window, while in the Anchors category, you also have two other headlines for Nut and Washer. If you expand the lists, you will see the already defined nut and washer types:

Advance Steel Management tool

First, set the units in the Advance Steel Management tools.

Advance Steel Management tool unit

1. Open the Advance Steel Management Tools (ASMT) select the Units selection category and set the precision as shown. Select Apply, you will be prompted to confirm the change, select Yes then close the Advance Steel Management Tools.

We will make a customized washer and add a new diameter of 0’ 2 1/6.”

2. Reopen the Advance Steel Management Tools, select the Anchors category.
3. Select the Washer Panel. For this exercise we will use the ASTM F436
4. Select the ASTM F436 amongst the list

Advance Steel Management Tools Anchor

To see the available diameters, select the down arrow adjacent to the Diameter. You can see there is a Diameter for 0’ 2 1/16 inches.

Advance Steel Management tool 2.1.16

You can view the available sizes in the macro by selecting the Upper left square and expanding the down arrow. The washer diameter for the 0’ 2 1/16” is not listed. The largest available size in the anchor parametric box is 0’ 1 1/2

Advance Steel Macro available size

Select the New button adjacent to the Type name. Enter a new name and hit the Apply button.

Advance Steel Management tool new button

The fields below will be cleared. Select New adjacent to the Grade name. Enter 10.9 then hit the enter button. The diameter Source and Part name will be populated as seen below.

To add the 0’ 2 1/16” washer diameter, select 0’ 2 1/16” from the available list.

Advance Steel Management tool unit 02 1 6

Fill in the desired fields, for example the source, Part name, and from the Geometry tab fill in the fields for:

A The diameter of the washer head.

B The thickness of the washer.

The numbers of corners (Optional depending on scenario)

Weight these values would come from a catalog.

Advance Steel Management Value

1. Scroll up to the Anchor Category and select US Threaded Anchors, right click and from the contextual menu select Duplicate. Enter a new name (US Threaded ANCHORS), Change the Diameter to 0’ 0 3/4”and hit Apply.

Advance Steel Management US Threaded Anchors

The new name will be appended to the Anchor column and in the Name field.

Advance Steel Management Anchor 2

2. To create a new bolt assembly, select the Set tab then the New button. Name the assembly Naw+NWN, hit Apply and then the + symbol to bring the Set selection dialog box.

Advance Steel Management NWN

The fields below will be cleared. The parameters set will be on top of the plate or concrete. The example below will put the washer on top of the plate or concrete then you will have the Bolt on the washer.

3. Select the + symbol to bring the Set selection dialog box.

4. Put in your specified Set, Type, Diameter, and Grade then select Apply.

Advance Steel Management tool 4

5. Select the + symbol again to bring the Set selection dialog box once more.

6. Put in the parameters that will put the nut on top of the washer as seen below then hit Apply.

Advance Steel Management dialog box

7. Repeat the same procedure for the Bolt set assembly that will be located below the plate or concrete. After putting in the values for the Nut, Washer and Nut hit the Apply button.

Advance Steel Management Nut Washer

8. Go back to the Parameters tab and put in the parameters as seen then hit Apply.

 Advance Steel Management Parameter

Go back to the Defaults category and Load Settings in Advance.

Advance Steel Management Default

Go back to the model and Update defaults.

Advance Steel Management Update Defaults


Advance Steel Management Results









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