How to add a 3/8” Bolt Diameter to the A325 Bolt Type in Autodesk Advance Steel 2020


When using a Type 1 Tread type in Autodesk Advance Steel 2020, you notice the 3/8” bolt diameter does not exist for the A325 bolt type. The 3/8” bolts will not be there by default because it is a mechanical bolt.

A325 Type Bolt Advance Steel Type 1


1. Open the Advance Steel Management Tools and go the Preferred Sizes category.

Management Tool Preffered Sizes Advance Steel

2. Add the 3/8” bolt from the Available Classes to the Preferred classes.

Management Tool Bolt Diameter Advance Steel

3. Select the Apply button in the top right corner.

Management Tool Bolt Diameter Apply Advance Steel

4. Select the Bolt category from the Advance Steel Management Tools.

Scroll to the A325, you will see there is no 0’ 0 3/8” diameter from the available sizes, listed in the Preferred classes.

Management Tool A325 Advance Steel

5. Uncheck Diameter in the the upper left box to view the list of available sizes.

6. Select the first option, 0’ 0 3/8” diameter from the available sizes.

Management Tool A325 inches Advance Steel

The source, Min and Max grip length, as well as the delta of the bolt length fields will be cleared.

7. Put in the source as ASTM A325 set as seen below then put a check in the Rule 1 box to have access to the fields.

8. Select the Rule 2 box and input the value 0’ 0 1/4” seen below. Complete the information as seen in the figure below.

Management Tool Bolt Rule2 Advance Steel

9. Hit the Apply button when you have filled in rule 1 and 2.

Next, you must define the Bolt assembly Set.

10. Select the Set tab and from the Bolt assembly flyout, select nut and washer NaW. Once the set is defined, use the windows below to define the number of nuts and washers, as well as their relative position to the bolt head.

Management Set NaW Advance Steel

The second window will be cleared. You must add the nut and washer.

11. Select the plus + symbol to add a new washer or nut

Management Add Washer Nut Advance Steel

The set selection dialog box will be displayed where you can define the:

- Set

- Type

- Grade

- Diameter

Management Tool Dialog Box Advance Steel

12. Hit the Apply button when done.

If you need to change the order, select the Up or Down Text, the position in the list sets its position in relation to the bolt head, additionally to remove a nut or washer select the minus symbol.

Define the bolt head and length properties

The A and B values are related to the diameter of the bolt head.

The number of corners is related to the bolt. You cannot have 1,2 or 3 values.

The table in the center of the dialog contains the actual bolt lengths.

You can edit definition lines or add new lines by typing inside the fields.

Management Tool A B Box Advance Steel

When you hit the Apply button after completing each row, the lower chart length rule will be automatically populated in reference to the values to the above chart. Select the Apply button when you have completed all the required lengths.

13. To lock in the changes made to the Management tools, select the Defaults category.

14. Select the last icon “Load settings in Advance.”

Management Tool Load Settings Advance Steel

15. Back in the model structure and update “Update Defaults.”

Management Tool Update Defaults Advance Steel


The 3/8” diameter is added to the A325 Bolt type.

Management Tool A325 Bolt Advance Steel

View video below for instructions

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