How to change the location and the position of scribe lines on DXF and NC files in Autodesk Advance Steel 2020

With a few easy changes done to the Management Tools in Autodesk Advance Steel 2020, scribe and markings can easily be sized, located on a chosen face of the element and placed according to your desire!


The scribe for the beams are in the web. They need to be on the top flange left end. There is no scribe on the beams with the sub part number. The main beam should be the main assembly number.   Is there a way to change where this shows up?


1. Make sure your scribe lines are activated by opening the "Advance Steel Management Tools" and selecting the Default category and typing scrib not scribe in the Use filter: field. From the Structured BOM/NC category make sure the “Turn on/off the scribe lines is checked.

Advance Steel Management Tool Scribe

2. Now type "SI" in the "Use filter" field.

3. Select the heading of the: Structured BOM/NC category.

4. Select the sub category, "DStV NC&DXF."

5. Uncheck the “Automatic arrangement for NC signature."

6. Place the text using the NC Signature Plane index Front Bottom /Top and Rear.

Advance Steel Management Tool Structured BOM NC

Additionally, you can adjust the placement in the X and Y for the SI blocks. For the example below;

  • The NC Signature Plane index is Front
  • The NC Signature test height is 0’-2”
  • Position X for SI blocks is 0’-2”
  • Position Y for SI blocks is 0’-2”

Advance Steel Management Tool Structured BOM NC 2


Advance Steel Management Tool Results

Error messageRemember to select the "Load settings in Advance" icon.Advance Steel Management Tool Load settingsGo back to the model structure and Update defaults to lock in the changes made to the Management tools.Advance Steel Management Tool Load settings Lock

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