Advance Steel 2019- Advance Copy, a fantastic time saver!

How and when to use Advance Copy in Advance Steel 2019 Cover


You have just created a Cellular beam structure with all the elements and connections, rather thanAdvance Steel 2019 Tool Palette repeat the process, Advance Steel offers a fantastic time saving tool called Advance copy. The Advance copy tool is located on the Tools category of the Advance Steel Tool Palette.

Advance Steel 2019 Rendering


Advance Steel 2019 Advance CopySelect the Advance copy ion, make sure "Include additional connections" is selected and put in the requirements need to copy the Cellular beam structure. Use the arrow to specify the distance in the X, Y, or Z directions.

Hit the “Select objects” button. You will be directed back to the structure to choose the elements you want to copy. In this scenario, the concrete footings were selected individually and then only the columns, Cellular beams and rafters. There is no need to select all the connections.

Once these selections are completed use the Preview button. Advance Steel will generate the copies then give you the option to accept, modify or cancel the copy selection. The end result is three additional structures in a matter of minutes!

Advance Steel 2019 Select Objects    Advance Steel 2019 Preview Structure



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