Adding feature to elements within the intelligent box


I’ve created a Portal Frame in Autodesk Advance Steel and need to have the Columns sitting on different elevation planes. I still want to be able to keep my portal frame intelligence Box.

Basically, have one Column sitting on a foundation wall at 224.000 and the other Column(S) need it to be sitting 3’6” (266.000) higher instead. Is there any way this can be done and still retain the intelligence box?


With Advance Steel, you can easily modify elements within an existing macro. For example, you can add features to an element within the intelligent box, aka gray cuboid.

The figure shows the Gable post that needs to be shortened.


Simply place your UCS accordingly. The UCS is placed at WCS for the figure above.

Next, select the most suitable for the scenario. For the example used, either Beam Shorten or Shorten at UCS could be used.


The Gabel portal frame posts are shortened to the specified length and the intelligence box remains intact!



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