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Manage, centralize and harmonize BIM objects, to speed up design and boost productivity

 The Challenges 

  • Do you spend a lot of time searching through multiple sources for your BIM content?
  • Do your subcontractors' BIM models seem unusable? 
  • Does the data in your BIM objects lack coherence?
  • Updating your model requires a lot of effort?

These are just some of the most common issues reported to GRAITEC when discussing with our customers and during consultation mandates related to BIM management.

The solution

Designed for all those involved in a construction project, OnFly is a unique solution that makes it possible to centralize, manage and harmonize all objects and BIM data, such as Revit families, in just a few clicks!

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"The quality of a model is determined by the quality of its content"

1. Centralize all of your BIM content

OnFly allows you to centralize all of your BIM content: the geometry of your families, the data but also the related documents.

The interactions that revolve around your objects are also centralized on the platform. No need to send multiple emails to request content anymore, OnFly allows you to fill in standardized and complete forms directly from the platform, that are then transferred directly to the person concerned.

2. Harmonize and structure your library


The models and data of your objects from different sources are standardized so that the properties are homogeneous. Therefore you can query your BIM model just as you would query a database.


Keep your shared settings defined globally or in your subsidiaries, with Onfly.


With your shared settings, create your own internal classification of objects while using international classifications: Uniformat, Omniclass, Masterformat, ETIM etc.


Depending on your project, use on the on-the-fly IFC, COBie, your's our your customer's standard object properties.


Share your BIM objects with your suppliers and providers automatically via, for example, product references.

3. Keep control over your BIM objects


Manage your entire library in a cloud space accessible to the people of your choice


All information related to your content is stored in one place, available through your BIM and business software.


Extend your library with access to the platform. You can therefore easily keep your manufacturer content up to date.


Manage your BIM content according to the different stages of the building life cycle.

Would you like to know how it works?

If you understand French, don't miss the webinar: "Les enjeux de la centralisation du contenu BIM, telles les familles Revit."

More information

For more information  the OnFly solutions - to manage, centralize and harmonize your BIM objects, accelerate the design and facilitate the operation of your artwork - contact us via the information request button or by calling the phone number at the bottom of this page.

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